Avoid Injury

When a musician has aching, pain, numbness, tingling, and changes in motor control as a result of playing  his/her instrument, real injury has occurred. Please immediately seek specialized help if you have any of these symptoms even if you think they may go away by themselves. Playing while injured is extremely risky. Many musicians injure themselves very badly and require long recovery simply because they didn’t get help early.
If you have as a result of practicing: aching, pain, numbness, tingling, changes in motor control, or other problems, please make an appointment with Prof. Leclair, Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs (Jacqueline.leclair@mcgill.ca or SSoM phone extension 00270. She will listen to you and direct you to the best resources to help you.

Resources available at the Schulich School of Music

Alexander Technique ($)

Teacher: Lawrence Smith

Rate: $25 per half-hour

Email: alexandertech@videotron.ca

What happens in a lesson
The Alexander Technique is taught in private half-hour to hour sessions. The teacher uses gentle manipulation and verbal guidance to create a balanced state in the student’s musculature. He then guides the student through simple movements, teaching him/her to sustain this improved state while preventing harmful habitual patterns.  The student gains increased awareness, and learns a skill that can be applied to any activity.

“We can throw away the habit of a lifetime in a few minutes if we use our brains.”

Medical applications
Published studies have shown that lessons in the Alexander Technique can improve respiratory function, and reduce neck and back pain. It can be used to prevent and eliminate the maladaptive patterns that often follow injury or surgery.

“The Alexander Technique teaches people how to best use their bodies in ordinary actions to avoid or reduce unnecessary stress and pain. It is undoubtedly the best way to take care of the back and alleviate back pain.”
Jack Stern, MD Ph.D.,
Neurosurgical Group of Westchester,
White Plains, New York

Yoga for Musicians (free!)

Want to relax your body and improve your playing?  MUSA offers Yoga for Musicians with certified yoga instructors! All sessions will take place in Wirth Opera Studio unless otherwise stated!

For more information please email VP Health and Athletics, Anthony, at athletics@mcgillmusa.ca.