Listen to recordings of concerts

Step 1: (Skip this step if you are on a campus computer.)

Connect to McGill VPN.  For instructions on how to do this, visit

Step 2:  Visit  Use the search bar to find the concert you are looking for.  Use full words when possible (i. e. Symphony Orchestra rather than MGSO).

Step 3: You may stream the concert for your listening pleasure.  If you wish to have a copy of the files you find, you have a few options.

a)  Use a stream recording software to capture the audio from your computer.  (This software can be found by searching “audio stream recording software” online.  The software is to be used at your own risk.)

b)  For recordings prior to the 2013-14 academic year, hard copies of the CDs can be found by searching the library catalogue at

c)  For recordings from 2013 on in .wac or .mp3 format, you may contact Rory McCluckie (rory dot mccluckie at mcgill dot ca) to have them put on a USB key that you provide.

**Replacing the previous flash-based system is one integrating an html5 audio player with playlist. The principle advantage of this approach is cross-platform compatibility. In our tests, Android, Apple and Microsoft devices equipped with a modern browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE9+, etc), whether desktop or mobile, worked equally well. Other improvements include automatic loading of the next track once the current one has ended. Of course, individual tracks can still be selected on the fly. As before, links to concert programmes (pdf) are provided for online viewing and downloading. Separate links to video performances, when available, are also displayed.