The constitution of the Music Graduate Students’ Society (MGSS) can be found here: MGSS Constitution updated 17 October, 2016. Any changes to the constitution require a vote in favour at an MGSS general assembly by a at least two-thirds of MGSS members present.


General Assembly documents

MGSS Fall GA Unapproved Minutes 17 October 2016

MGSS Spring GA Approved Minutes 13 April 2015

MGSS GA W15 Package

Minutes from Winter 2014 MGSS GA (unapproved)

Motions passed at Winter 2014 MGSS GA

Results of 2014 MGSS Executive Council elections announced at Winter 2014 MGSS GA

MGSS Winter 2014 GA Package

MGSS winter 2013 GA minutes (approved)


Special Projects Fund application

The Special Projects Fund is a discretionary fund administered by the Executive Council of the Music Graduate Students’ Society (MGSS). Grants from the Fund are intended for events and projects instigated by MGSS members that primarily benefit other music graduate students. For more info, and to apply, please download the application form here.