Alexander Haupt

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Alexander Haupt is a young musician and percussionist from Luxmebourg where he started his musical education in percussion and theory at the Luxembourg City Conservatory. After 10 years of studies with Guy Frisch, Paul Mootz and Emmanuel Séjourné (France), he moves to Quebec, Canada, where he obtains a Bachelor degree from Laval University in 2014.

He recently began his graduate studies at the Schulich School of Music of the McGill University in Montreal under the tutelage of Fabrice Marandola, Aiyun Huang and guest faculty Andrei Malashenko and Ben Reimer.

Several masterclasses have marked Alexander’s academic progress: Nancy Zeltsman, Momoko Tamiya, Ney Rosauro, Eric Sammut, Peter Prommel, Hugues Tremblay, Roland Auzet, Jean-Pierre Drouet, Bob Becker, …

His passion for ensemble music have led him to play with several chamber orchestras like Estro Armonico, Orchestre de Chambre du Luxembourg; Steve Reich’s “Music for 18 Musicians” with United Instruments of Lucilin; Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg and Opéra National de la Lorraine.

Since his arrival at the Schulich School of Music in Montreal, Alexander’s interests comprise orchestral performance, contemporary music and musical creation as well as research in performance practice. He is currently collaborating with composers, Camille Kerger and Emmanuel Séjourné on new works for percussion solo combining song, drums, metal and theatre.

Alexander has been supported by grants & scholarships from the Schulich School of Music, the Fonds Culturel National Luxembourg, the Ministry of Culture from Luxembourg and Government of Luxembourg.