Application Procedures

The McGill Sound Recording program is designed for trained musicians who want to add the technical and scientific dimension of audio engineering to their musical background. Applicants must have a music degree: a Bachelor of Music degree (or equivalent) with a minimum CGPA of 3.00 (on a 4-point scale).

The Sound Recording program is a two-year graduate degree program. This is an intensive course that must be completed in two consecutive years due to the precise scheduling of class times and studio hours. Approximately eight students are admitted to this highly competitive program each year, and studies begin in September. Applications to the Master of Music in Sound Recording are due no later than December 1st for admission to the academic year starting in the fall of the following year.

Please find information about the Prerequisites below on this page.

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Please note that no paper application can be mailed. Only online-applications will be considered.

Additional Information

For more information about applying to Music at McGill, please visit the Music Admissions website.

For general information on funding, fellowships and awards, please refer to the Fellowships and Awards section of the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Office.


If you did not complete the prerequisites listed below during your undergraduate studies, you may apply for a one-year qualifying program as a special undergraduate student. Contact the Sound Recording Area Chair for further information.

Students wishing to follow this package of courses while registered in the Faculty program or any other B.Mus. program must notify the Sound Recording Area Chair. These courses may also be completed by registering for a year as a Special Student at the undergraduate level (Special Students are those registered for courses without proceeding towards a degree or diploma). Students doing so should have already completed a Bachelor of Music Degree elsewhere. In order to be considered for admission to the Master of Music in Sound Recording, students must attain a minimum grade of B in all the Prerequisite Courses, and must have a Bachelor of Music Degree with a minimum CGPA of 3.00. Admission to the Master of Music program is not automatically guaranteed upon completion of the prerequisite courses – all candidates must re-apply for admission to the M.Mus. in Sound Recording .

Schulich School of Music – Required Courses CREDITS (17)
MUCO 260 Instruments of the Orchestra 2
MUSR 232 Introduction to Electronics 3
MUSR 300D1 Introduction to Music Recording 3
MUSR 300D2 Introduction to Music Recording 3
MUSR 339 Introduction to Electroacoustics 3
MUMT 250 Music Perception and Cognition 3
One of the following: CREDITS (3)
MUMT 202 Fundamentals of New Media 3
MUMT 203 Introduction to Digital Audio 3
One of the following: CREDITS (3)
MUMT 302 New Media Production 1 3
MUMT 306 Music and Audio Computing 1 3
Faculty of Science – Required Courses CREDITS (3)
PHYS 224 The Physics of Music 3


  • MUMT 202 and MUMT 203 cover overlapping material but MUMT 203 requires a much stronger background in Mathematics. Students interested in enrolling in MUMT 203 need to meet with the instructor before registering for the class.
  • MUMT 306 (Music and Audio Computing 1) can be taken by adept programmers in place of MUMT 302 (New Media Production).