Concert Recordings

Welcome to the Concert Recording area.

Each SR1 & SR2 will record at least three (3) concerts per term!

Please familiarize yourself with the McGill Concert Recording Guidelines and Concert Recording Naming Quick Guide!

Please contact Sarah for any questions.


Sign Up:

Click here to sign up for concert recordings. The list is updated frequently, so check back often for new listings.


Concert Recording Log:

Click here to download the current concert recording log.

While/after recording a (non-student recital) concert, remember to fill out a log for each piece.



Concert recordings are delivered as CDs or as archival uploads to MLAPS depending on the project.

Student Recital Deliverables: Two (2) mastered stereo CD’s with track markers and fades between each piece. Heads and tails trimmed & faded. Labeled (printed) and delivered to the Concert Recording CD dropbox in Studio A.

Class, Staff & Visiting Concert Deliverables: 96k/24b Stereo BWAV files for EACH TRACK, named and organized as per the concert recording guidelines and uploaded to MLAPS.