Archiving Recordings on MLAPS

Our recording area server is called MLAPS (Music Library Asset Preservation System).  The new login to MLAPS is as follows:

On a Macintosh, <cmd>-K (from the finder)

Connect to Server
Server Address:
Name: Sound
Password: Recording1

The MLAPS server filesystem that we’re using in Fall 2016- Winter 2017 is <Endeavor>.

There is a new remote login to MLAPS (from off campus).  first, you’ll have to download the Cisco AnyConnect app and install it on your computer.  it’s also available on MLAPS

For Mac instructions click here.
For Windows 7 or 8 instructions click here.

The software for Mac is also posted on Atlantis:

There are specific areas for the archiving of:
Concerts/2014_Fall (official, listed concerts, operas & special performances)
Class Assignments
Area Assignments

Additions to Concert Recording Guidelines

A sample archive folder name:

Path to the archive:

Path to the Recording Log for each event archive:

Screenshot of file structure: (click to enlarge)

140828 Atlantis archiving example