Webcast Schedule

Fall 2014


Date  Time  Group Venue Audio or Video
Saturday, Oct. 4th 2014 19:30 McGill Symphony Orchestra     Pollack Hall  Video
Monday, Oct. 20th 2014 19:30 Live@CIRMMT MMR  Video
Thursday, Oct. 30th 2014  19:30 Rencontres jazz : François Théberge, jazz saxophone  Tanna Hall   Video
Saturday, Nov. 1st 2014 19:30 McGill Symphony Orchestra Pollack Hall  Video
Saturday, Nov. 15th 2014 19:30 Opera McGill Pollack Hall  Video
Sunday, Nov.16th 2014 14:00 Opera McGill Pollack Hall  Video
Monday, Nov. 20th 2014 19:30 Danilo Perez and Jazz I  Tanna Hall   Video


Please Note: This schedule is subject to change without notice. Concerts are webcast on Eastern Standard Time (EST).