McGill Music Graduate Students’ Society (MGSS)


The Music Graduate Students’ Society (MGSS)  is a student-run group that represents all graduate students at McGill University‘s Schulich School of Music. MGSS organizes activities throughout the year, including a fall orientation, end of term parties, general assemblies, the annual McGill Music Graduate Symposium, and monthly open mic nights in the Music Library (aka “Library After Hours”). For more details on upcoming events, please check out the events page.

MGSS also advocates for grad students’ needs and interests within the Schulich School of Music. There are MGSS representatives for each department (research and performance), area (strings, music theory, etc.), and committee (library, IT, etc.). Please feel free to voice your ideas, questions, and concerns to any MGSS representative. Go here for a list of current MGSS leaders and representatives.

MGSS is a subsidiary of McGill’s Post-Graduate Students’ Society. Funding comes from graduate student fees.

If you’re interested in getting involved, or have questions about MGSS, please email us at Or visit our office (Room E-112)!