Council and Representatives

Executives (2017–2018)

President Claire McLeish
Vice President Tom Posen
Secretary Jennifer Messelink
Treasurer Holly Bergeron-Dumaine
Research Student Representative Sam Howes
Performance Student Representative Veronica Pollicino
Member at Large Ben Duinker
PGSS Councillor (1) Erin Sheedy
PGSS Councillor (2) Zach Milliman
PGSS Councillor (3) Marta Beszterda
Symposium Co-Chair Margaret Cormier
Symposium Co-Chair Kiersten van Vliet
AGSEM Music Research Delegate Jack Flesher


Representatives (2017–2018)

Composition vacant
Music Technology vacant
Musicology vacant
Music Theory vacant
Music Education vacant
Sound Recording vacant
Conducting vacant
Strings vacant
Brass vacant
Winds vacant
Percussion vacant
Piano vacant
Voice vacant
Organ/Church music vacant
Jazz vacant
Early Music vacant
Academic Committee on Teaching and Programs (ACTP) vacant
Library Advisory Committee vacant
Concert Committee vacant
Webmaster vacant


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